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June 16th, 2009

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Announcements: Job Opening

Job Opening


Level Headed Driver Needed for me and my Family And will work PART TIME interested applicant should email me at

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Letters to the Editor: Public Records Access Request

Public Records Access Request

Charlie Grapski

Subject: Public Records Request for Records of State Attorney 8th Judicial Circuit Twice Unlawfully Denied in the Past
I am once again formally making a public records request for documents that were generated by you, in your official capacity as State Attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit, which you were legally obligated as custodian to secure and maintain for public records purposes under Florida`s Constitution and Statutes.  I have twice before sought to obtain these records from you unsuccessfully and in contravention of Florida law.  At no time has your office obtained legal authority to destroy these records and at no time prior did you claim that such lawful disposition of the records was made.  Thus at all times, up to and including the present, your office is under the legal obligation to maintain these records and to provide them upon request without any hassle, intimidation, or delay.
I am also copying this to the Governor`s Office, the Office of Open Government, and the Attorney General.  This is being done in two capacities: first, as information to them of an allegation of a serious violation of the law by the official and agency in question which also serves as the local law enforcement agency and thus has a clear, undeniable, and inescapable conflict of interest in this matter and thus requires the action of a higher authority; second, in their capacity as such an authority, as a direct request to them to produce the records under the law or to investigate and/or prosecute any failure on your part, past or present, to fully and faithfully comply with the law.
I have also copied this email to persons in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the fraud division, and the Departments of Management Services and Financial Services as this email contains information documenting criminal and fraudulent activities that need to be addressed.
Below will follow further details as to the records, the evidence of their existence, the previous attempts to obtain them, and the nature and description of the records as well as their status as more than mere public records but records of great interest and concern both to me personally and to the public at-large.  In addition this email serves information documenting a violation (or serious allegation thereof) of the law as well as more than the mere appearance of a conflict of interest and impropriety on your part.  The latter aspects and facts of this matter clearly renders you unable and incapable of fulfilling your duties with regard to enforcement of this law as you would be required to enforced it upon yourself and there is a clear and growing record of evidence documenting your unwillingness or incapacity to faithfully execute the duties of your office and the enforcement of the law with regard to other public officials and agencies in your jurisdiction demonstrating the serious nature of your conflict of interest and the great public concern of this matter.
I reiterate that I forward this request to these additional agencies and officials of higher legal standing than you and your office, in addition to you, AS A FORMAL REQUEST FOR THESE RECORDS FROM THEM as in this case there is a clear conflict of interest with your Office and there is no other official with authority to enforce the law and produce these records than either the Attorney General or the Governor and thus no other means of obtaining these records and ensuring the public records law and the rights of the public are upheld in this matter.
Therefore this is a FORMAL LEGAL NOTICE that this is also a public records request being made of the Governor, the Office of Open Government, and the Attorney General as well as yourself.  This precaution is furthermore taken in anticipation that this third attempt to obtain the records directly from you will meet a similar fate to the two previous requests - although you certainly could comply with the law of your own volition prior to their taking any action on the matter if you so choose.  I would certainly be happy if that were the case and believe it would make some amends for prior wrongdoing with regard to this matter.
The documents I am making this legal demand for are all emails to and from me (with you acting in your official capacity) in the Fall of 2004 (June and July) and all written correspondence to and from the Regal Cinemas corporate attorney regarding your statement and position on the law of Florida as it applies to arresting persons for trespassing on quasi-public space for first amendment protected activity.  As you are well aware you wrote those emails to me and the letters to the Regal Cinemas attorney over a matter I brought to your attention at that time.  Contrary however to your statements in those official records, you have allowed, engaged in, and encouraged arrests and prosecutions of me for trespassing on PUBLIC property for exercising my first amendment protected rights.  Clearly this has been in direct contradiction to your official statements in those communications informing me as to what the law was, what your Office`s official position would be regarding such charges, and informing me of what my and any citizen`s rights were in such situations.  In so acting you provided me with legal advice, from the highest law enforcement official in the area and the person directly responsible for such matters, and a guide upon which I reasonably acted at all times.  As such your correspondence presents me with an affirmative defense against the criminal charges that you are actively pursuing and have previously maliciously attempted as a means of denying me my rights (including rights to records (a state-based right) as well as fundamental civil rights protected and valued under both our State and Federal laws) and covering up for the known criminal activities in the City of Alachua.
At the time in 2006 you provided me with those documents, as you know, I provided copies of them to a number of persons including your close personal friend and associate Scott Camil (who later requested and obtained from you similar written "legal opinions" as to the first amendment right to peaceably assemble and exercise the right to political speech) as well as to Cindy Swirko of the Gainesville Sun.  The Gainesville Sun subsequently (in July of 2006) made reference to the documents and your statement as to the law in its publication. 
Despite the widespread knowledge in the local community of the generation and existence of those documents at the time you have subsequently callously and effectively denied me the right to access these records on two prior occasions - claiming that you cannot find them!
Florida law does not provide negligence as an affirmative defense for a violation of the public records law.  You had a legal obligation to maintain and provide those records at all times and never obtained legal authority to destroy or "lose" them.  Thus you are still under the legal obligation to maintain and provide those records to date. 
It is also clear that the issues at hand demonstrate clearly that  you are in a position of significant conflict of interest both directly in this particular matter and more generally when it comes to upholding the public records law with regard to other officials and in particular of the City of Alachua.  The City of Alachua and its officials have egregiously violated the law with your protection and as a result they have grown increasingly defiant of the law in their practices.  As an illustrative example of their contempt for the law and your willing "blind-eye" assistance when a former commissioner recently made a valid and lawful request for records (the cell-phone records of the City Manager), which reveal in great detail the abuse of authority and misappropriation of public funds for private (and including in further unlawful activities) benefit, in direct contradiction with Florida`s Ethics Laws, the City took the following unprecedented actions which are clearly in violation of the law in the extreme: the City Manager "requested," and the City Commission "approved," that they City pay for Clovis Watson`s PERSONAL/PRIVATE cell phone (indeed including his "family plan" providing cell phones for other persons who have no public position or business) in order, in their logic, to render these records "private" and thus claiming an exemption from the law for the records of the City Manager`s official activities which the public funds of the City directly pay for in order to shield the records (and the activities of the City Manager) from public view.  Subsequent to that a further action was taken by the Purchasing Director, Frank Sodek, which could only have one purpose and that is to "hide" the City Manager`s activities and the City`s expenditures from the public.  Sodek contacted Nextel and demanded that the cease sending to the City any itemized statements for the City Manager`s phone account so that the City, if providing the records (even with the claim that they are "private"), would keep the details of the records from public view.  However it is clear that those records, in their entirety, regardless of where they are held or whether the City actually "receives" them remain public records under the law.  The City has subsequently also used the tactic of charging exorbitant fees for "redaction" (under the assumption that there are thus "private" records) certain phone numbers that they City does not want the public knowing the City Manager is calling or being called from and when including the attempt to charge $180 an hour for the City Attorney to "review" the process before any records will be made available.  All of this in the context in which the limited records which have been previously obtained demonstrate the excessive and abusive misappropriation and use of public funds for private benefit as well as for conducting unlawful activities.  Mr. Watson`s records, as previously obtained, indicate that he spends a minimum of SEVEN HOURS a day and has a monthly bill for cell phone use being paid for by the taxpayer in the amount of approximately $1000 a month.  I am sure that there is no other public official, even the Governor (who is being paid less than Mr. Watson - from what we have been able to decipher from the other limited records (and contradictory) that we have struggled to get regarding Mr. Watson`s salary and benefits), with this kind of spending behavior. 
What is plain on the face of it, and what is being done with your knowledge, consent, and cooperation, is that the City is not only violating the public records law regularly and routinely but in actions intentionally and directly intended to cover up fraudulent and criminal activities of the City and its officials.  Again I must reiterate for the record all of this has been brought to your attention by myself and numerous other concerned citizens over a multi-year period only to be rudely rebuffed by you and your office rather than to find you concerned and taking appropriate actions to fulfill your legal obligations in enforcing both the public records law and criminal laws and in protecting the public and its interest.
It is clear that beyond the issue directly at hand, your particular violation of the law in this matter, that you are deeply linked with matters of a grave and serious nature that render you incapable of being impartial and fulfilling your legal obligations even if we put aside allegations of direct criminal violations on your own part.  The time has come, it is evidence, for you to acknowledge this conflict of interest with regard to your duties and obligations as the State Attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit and to seek the assistance of the Governor and his office to remove all overt or even mere appearances of conflict, bias, impropriety or even criminal activity.
Anyone looking into this matter at even a cursory level will be able to see clearly that this has gone far beyond the pale when it comes to abuse of authority and disrespect for the rights of the citizens and the Constitution of the State of Florida.
I am therefore making this request, for a third time, and submitting it formally to the Governor, the Office of Open Government, and the Attorney General`s Office so that they are on notice and are aware of the very real conflict of interest and significant appearance of impropriety on your part.
I will also inform you of several of the details of those emails as a means of assisting in both proving their existence, their status as public records, and their location and provision because you conveniently overlooked these in your previous denials. 
With regard to the communications with Regal Cinemas:
for the evidence of the documents existence with regard to the written correspondence - this can be obtained easily from Regal Cinemas Corporate Headquarters if any state official were to conduct an investigation into the matter. 
With regard to the emails between yourself and me:
The emails could only come from one of two original sources - myself or you (you being the official "public record" source).  Of course any of the numerous persons to whom I gave copies, including the Gainesville Sun, would also be a potential source and witness to prove the existence and nature of these records.  Thus it would be a fairly simple task to prove your violation of the law on the two prior occasions in failing (and thus legally "denying") to provide the records upon request and your violation of the law in failing to maintain your records according to the law.  These however would not be "official" copies.  The emails can, however, be obtained under subpoena from my previous internet provider (Apple Inc. the email account you corresponded with at the time and from which I sent my correspondence was ``) if any investigation into the matter were conducted.  As you know they do exist as you authored them although you have very real reason to desire denying the existence of these records today given in addition to the violation of the public records law in refusing to provide or failing to maintain them, your personal involvement in a series of malicious prosecutions against me designed to prevent me from obtaining other records, indeed from even requesting them, from the City of Alachua which will prove a number of criminal acts by the City and its officials including its involvement in a deliberate attempt to defraud the State pension fund for Police Officers as well as your complicity in providing Clovis Watson with the means and authority for approximately six years to act as a law enforcement officer (including conducting arrests which include the arrests of myself as well as two other known persons - all of which were prosecuted by you even though I brought the evidence to your attention, in person, that Watson was "impersonating" a police officer and was in violation (as the FDLE General Counsel informed him last year in writing) of Florida`s Constitutional Dual Office holding provision.). 
When you denied the two prior requests you stated that you "could not locate" the emails on your computers.  Certainly this is not a sufficient defense because the law establishes your legal obligation to maintain those records.  Negligence in such a matter is no less a violation of the law.  However you conveniently overlooked, or intentionally so-worded your correspondence denying the requests, in such a way that: 1) suggests that it is your official position that there is no wrong (and thus no remedy) for what at best can be described as negligence in maintenance of your official public records; but also and more troubling 2) deliberately avoiding/evading the known fact that the email correspondence, in your official capacity with me, was conducted using your PRIVATE/PERSONAL email address.  Thus your claims that "diligent searches" of your computer files at work have been unable to locate the emails falls short of any credibility or validity.  For even though emails are not legally allowed to be routinely deleted which would be, barring some claim of "accidental" deletion from both the desktop computer and the mail-server (which would be "highly" unlikely and improbable), any computer technician of even minimal qualifications could easily "recover" the emails at any time unless they were intentionally erased (and even then this is nearly impossible to do entirely) - this begs the actual question by ignoring the FACT that they never would be found in such a search in the first place as said search would conveniently EXCLUDE the actual source and location of the emails.
Now some background to "refresh" your memory (and to establish the record that these other officials have been officially informed of the facts of the matter):
If you may recall the situation arose just prior to a weekend and late at night.  You were not at work but were contacted at your home by your close personal friend and political associate Scott Camil.  He informed you of the situation and asked you to provide me assistance and you agreed.  You were then in contact directly with me at my home over the weekend.  We corresponded over the weekend and at the beginning of the week you took official action both in communication with the Sheriff`s Office (informing them that you would not prosecute arrests for trespass for first amendment activity and that you concurred with the ruling in Wood v. State that such arrests would be an "abuse" of the police authority to make such arrests) and Regal Cinema`s (at Butler Plaza) local management and its corporate headquarters through formal, written communications with its General Counsel.   In fact your first actions came based upon your general understanding of the law under such situations as you had not at the time known of the then unpublished case of Wood v. State which I brought to your attention and which I personally provided you a copy (upon my obtaining it from the attorney who argued the case in Bay County) during that week in a formal communication which also should be part of the record which I am seeking.  You then confirmed in writing (in the records being requested) that you officially recognized and took the position that this case "was law" in the 8th Judicial Circuit and would be recognized and enforced as such by your office.
The issue arose in an incident involving my witnessing of and intervention in a threat of arrest by a Sheriff`s Deputy of a woman who I knew (Amy Richard the mother of two of my former students at the University of Florida) for handing out a leaflet announcing a "meet up" to discuss the movie "Farenheit 911" outside of Regal Cinemas at Butler Plaza in Gainesville on the opening night of the film.  Indeed she too (and the three other members of her family) is a witness to the existence of these documents at the time as I had made them available immediately to her and her family upon receiving them from you and we were in continuous communication during the weeks we were corresponding on the matter officially.
The correspondence in question, which constitutes part of the public records I am requesting under the law and which you were obligated to maintain, have never lawfully sought to destroy via administrative procedure, and which you have twice before unlawfully denied, began in the last week of June 2006 and continued into July of 2006.  Confirmation of the exact date of the initial correspondence between myself and Scott Camil and Scott Camil and yourself (in addition to the fact that Mr. Camil is thus a witness to this fact), which was followed by our official correspondence in the subsequent weeks, can be obtained from Regal Cinemas as the date of the incident and the first communications to you were on the opening night of the film in Gainesville.  Further confirmation of the existence of the records, and the copies provided to them at the time, can be obtained from the Gainesville Sun, the reporter to whom the documents were given (Cindy Swirko), and with a copy of the reference to the correspondence as it appeared in its publication later that month (in July).
I am thus requesting that you provide me, within a reasonable time-frame, with copies of all emails (including those from your private/personal account) pertaining to this matter and all correspondence including but not limited to those between yourself and myself and those with the management and corporate management of Regal Cinemas.  If you again claim, given the additional facts that I have recalled to your attention about the use of your private/personal email and your having taken these initial actions from your home, outside of regular business hours, and during a weekend, that you are "unable to locate" these documents I expect that you will either provide a legally sufficient basis as to how such negligence is not a violation of the law (either civil or criminal) and how you should not be held to account under the law for such negligence, if that is all that there is to the matter, or you will immediately refer this to the Office of the Governor based upon the clear conflict of interest and the overt appearance of impropriety on your part.
I must add that this is, as I stated, more than a mere public records request as your correspondence to me, in your official capacity, provided me with the legal basis for my later actions (all of which were within the law as well as peaceful (despite mischaracterizations by Alachua officials), in the matters which you have previously attempted to prosecute me and are continuing to attempt prosecutions arising from false arrests based upon allegations of trespassing on public property, during business hours, indeed during official meetings of a public body and at a police station where I had merely gone to file a complaint for violation of the law which the department is required, both under Florida law and its own adopted and published policies (as well as having met with the Deputy Chief the week before, in audio-taped meetings which I can provide at any time to any official, requesting his assistance and receiving his instructions on how to file such complaints).  These allegations of trespassing, which (and in light of these public records according to your own official position) on their face are fraudulent and unlawful, led to several far more disconcerting matters of physical threats and actual brutality by the City of Alachua officials and police officers of the City under the direct command of Clovis Watson and taken against me.  All of which immediately ensued upon my involvement, while a candidate for the State House of Representatives and having personally witnessed some of the law violations, in filing a civil actions against Watson and the City for their unlawful activities in tampering with an election and influencing, coercing, and intimidating voters during said election.
  Mr. Watson is also a close personal friend of yours as well as a political ally and more troubling (although again only reinforcing the record of a clear conflict of interest at the very minimum) is the fact that your predecessor at the State Attorney`s Office, Rod Smith, is not only representing him and the City in defense of their improprieties and law violations, but is personally and directly responsible for "crafting" the contract and setting up the situation in which Watson was impersonating a law enforcement officer (including making official arrests which were prosecuted by you), in direct and blatant violation of Florida`s Constitution while serving as City Manager, all with the clear intent to defraud the State Pension fund by establishing the "belief" in Tallahassee that Watson was a police officer rather than the fact that he was City Manager in order to obtain special risk benefits to which he was not entitled.  (The State, upon my exposure and documentation of this fact, took away those benefits and the FDLE removed his status as a law-enforcement officer - although no corrective or punitive action was ever taken - however the City, in clear defiance of the law, has once again with the legal representation of Rod Smith written a contract which claims that he will be getting these retirement benefits despite the previous official action and the law).  Smith is not only your predecessor and former boss (indeed your only position since graduating law school was in that office) but also a close personal friend and political ally thus again establishing a clear and obvious on its face situation of conflict and at minimum appearance of impropriety.
This latter set of facts further reinforces the fact that you have a clear conflict of interest in this matter requiring the actions of the Governor and/or Attorney General to both investigate possible improprieties and law violations by you and your Office as well as to produce the records which have been twice before unlawfully denied.
Please let me know when you can expect to provide me with these records and please provide a copy of all such records to the Governor, the Office of Open Government, and the Attorney General`s Office.  I would also ask, given the conflict of interest and the need for an outside and impartial agent, that you provide them with a copy of any correspondence to me in response to this request.  I would also remind you of the law that requires that you provide a formal legal response acknowledging receipt of this request and that you provide any statutory basis for your failure to provide the documents including the statutory basis, if it is claimed, that allows you to be in compliance with the law if you have "lost" the records.  If I do not receive such a response as required by law I will have no other choice than to go the additional step of contacting these officials and agencies with evidence of the violation of the public records law, of a knowing and willful nature (and thus of a criminal nature - in fact in your capacity mere knowing, even without willfulness, would be so constitutive), and a demand for relief from them on the matter in their official capacity as the sole agency to bring such matters to when involving the State`s Attorney`s Office.
Please send all correspondence to me via this email address.  I would also ask whoever in the agencies copied this request, and to whom I am formally seeking assistance in obtaining these records given your conflict, to please correspond with me via email and acknowledge that they have received this request and understand that it is a formal REQUEST TO THEM under Florida`s Constitution, Article I, Section 25, and Florida Statute Chapter 119 for these records.  If any of those agencies needs any further clarification or other documentation I would be happy to provide it to them.  If they would like me to submit this request (although not required under the law) in any other form or format I would also be happy to accommodate them upon receiving any instructions or clarification from them.
Once again this is a formal public records request being made for records that are required by law to be maintained by the State Attorney of the 8th Judicial Circuit and have never been lawfully destroyed pursuant to the legal procedures for such actions.  This request is being made directly to the State Attorney, the direct custodian as author as well as head of agency.  However as this official is also the local authority to turn to for local violations of said law the request is being formally made to the only other authorities in the State of Florida (The Office of the Governor and the Attorney General) with authority over the State Attorney and thus in their capacity for oversight and legal accountability when there is no local authority without a conflict of interest and willing to comply with the law.  Thus I reiterate that this email constitutes a public records request being made to the following public agencies/officials: The Governor, Charlie Crist, the Governor`s Office of Open Government, and the Attorney General, Bill McCollum.
Governor Crist`s term in office was established with an open and dedicated commitment to open government, sunshine, public records and the public`s rights.  I am certain that he would not look favorably upon the activities of your office or those of officials of close personal and political alliance with you within your jurisdiction.
I have also sent a copy of this correspondence to the editor or publisher of the two legitimate newspapers of general circulation in Alachua County and to two witnesses (Michael Canney and Joseph Little, Professor of Law at the University of Florida - both of whom have extensive knowledge and evidence of the wrongdoing alleged herein).  Additionally, as I stated at the beginning, the email has been sent to the Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink, the fraud division, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the other agencies directly related to the criminal allegations directly and indirectly bearing on this matter.  All of which matters are issues of great public interest and concern and constitute, at bare minimum, a significant issue of conflict which you are incapable of, even if you have done no wrong whatsoever, of handling without the appearance (and in that a strong one) of impropriety on your part.
Thank you,
Charles Grapski



Announcements: The Earth Machine Now Available

The Earth Machine Now Available

Kristi Ferguson

"The Earth MachineTM Backyard Compost Bin and The SYSTERN Rain Barrel have arrived in
Alachua County!"

This Spring, take a step towards reducing your carbon footprint! Alachua County is pleased to present a one-day-only backyard compost bin and rain barrel distribution event. This exciting green initiative will feature both The Earth MachineTM Backyard Compost Bin, the bin of choice for over 3,000 municipalities, and the NEW SYSTERN Rain Barrel. Both products will be available to Alachua County residents on a first come, first served basis. Earth Machine� Backyard Compost Bins and SYSTERN Rain Barrels will be available for only $39.00 and $45.00, respectively, tax included. This is a significant savings from the regular retail prices of $100.00 and $120.00.

According to EPA studies, a single-family household can expect to divert approximately 600lbs of waste per year using a backyard compost bin. Homeowners can use the Earth MachineTM to compost fruit, vegetable scraps, crushed eggshells, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters from their kitchen. Add in layers of mulched leaves, dried grass, garden plants, old potting soil and soft plant stems from the garden. With a little maintenance and care, in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, the material is broken down naturally into compost. Organic material that is not composted is sent to landfills where it produces methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas emission. Compost can be used as a rich soil additive for lawns and gardens improving soil water retention and give you greener grass, healthier flowers and better fruits and vegetables. Join the millions that are composting using The Earth MachineTM compost bin, reduce curbside waste and help diminish climate change.



Announcements: Dog needs help to walk again...

Dog needs help to walk again...

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, October 8, 2008- On September 28, 2008 a young stray dog who we now call "Auto" was hit by an automobile in front of the Alachua County Humane Society and had the luck or presence of mind to wander into the bushes next to one of the buildings of the Humane Society. He was discovered Monday morning by staff and was dehydrated and in shock. The Humane Society made Auto comfortable until he could be transported to Alachua County Animal Services for mandatory holding to see if an owner would come forward.

No owner came forward and the dog was evaluated by several vets during the holding period at the County Shelter. Auto is suffering from a severely damaged hind leg which will require extensive treatment or amputation and nerve damage in his other hind leg which makes his future tenuous. Auto is also suffering from damage to his pelvis. This is making it very hard for Auto to get around on his own. Staff from the Humane Society have refused to give up on Auto and are working with him daily.



Student Paper: Crashed Before One Mile Of Travel

Crashed Before One Mile Of Travel

Teryl Walthaw

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-Many people today try to avoid the perilous activity on the interstate but never expect it to happen in an apartment complex. On her way to work Thursday, May 29, Jessica Dunn, a 20-year-old Cabana Beach resident, did not expect her normal routine to come to a halt.

Approximately 10 seconds after pulling out of her parking space, a green Dodge RAM 1500 Pick-up smashed into the driver side of her red Chevrolet Blazer. Reckless driving is not only an issue on the interstate but also in most large apartment complexes.

Renee Merritt said speeding at Cabana Beach is prohibited. The speeding limit is 15 miles per hour. Forfeiting a resident's lease for speeding only happens after they are issued a seven-day notice for them to talk to management. If the incident occurs again within 12 months, then legally the tenant's lease can be forfeited.



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