How to Select a Criminal Appellate Attorney in Your Area

If you have been arrested or feel you are in immediate danger of being arrested, you probably already know you need the assistance of a criminal attorney- One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they are arrested is to ignore their Miranda rights and try and talk their way out of legal trouble instead of immediately consulting an attorney. An attorney is there for you to safeguard your legal rights and helps minimize the case the police have against you. You should expect your attorney to explain what you are being charged with and help build your defense if your case goes to trial. Your attorney should be with you for any questioning by the police to help protect your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination and to ensure that all of your constitutional rights are adhered to.

A criminal attorney will work to build your defense in the event your case goes to trial, and they will also act as a negotiator to ensure any plea bargain is favorable to you. The majority of criminal cases end in plea bargaining and your attorney is there to make sure you get the best deal possible in exchange for not going to trial.

The best time to have an attorney is of course before you actually need one, but when you are ready for an attorney here are some things to look for to get the best possible lawyer you can. The rule of thumb is to hire the best person you can afford. When it comes to having criminal charges filed against you, your freedom is at stake so this is no the place to bargain hunt. Of course just because an attorney charges a lot won’t necessarily guarantee that they are the best lawyer available so be selective in your search.

An easy place to start is an online search to narrow your field down to criminal attorneys. Then you can select an attorney and do an online search to discover information about their reputation with past case success or failures. When you’re ready for a consultation, call the firm you’re interested in and ask if you can get a free consultation with the attorney you are considering. You should also ask any potential representation about their qualifications including their experience as a criminal attorney. Are they prepared to go to court if you have to? How much experience do they have as a court litigator? Even many experienced attorneys may have limited court experience if they generally plea bargain their client’s cases. You also need to ask about the cost for your defense and find representation that you can afford for the long haul of your case.

Your attorney is there to help you during one of the most stressful times of your life, so make sure you hire someone that you are comfortable with and that you can trust to defend you and to ensure your rights are upheld.