Top Tips On Finding A Great Drug Attorney For Your Case

In recent years many states have relaxed a few of their illegal drug use and possession laws. However, there still are plenty of states where having just a tiny amount of residue left on the edge of a bank card can get you several years in the state prison. Just because the next state over has more lenient laws, or maybe even your own state doesn’t prosecute for marijuana, you can still get busted for other drugs and spend lots of time in jail. It’s important to get proper representation immediately, don’t take the court appointed the lawyer, and fight like your life depended on it, maybe it does. Here are some tips on what to look for in a drug attorney Tulsa in your area.

Not All Attorneys Are Created Equal

The basics of studying law are fairly similar but after that, most attorneys get very specialized in order to become experts in their niche. It’s almost like the difference between going to a bicycle mechanic to get your car repaired, they both know how to use tools, but what they study to become experts is quite different.

Divorce attorneys know family law, personal injury attorneys sue for damages, and criminal defense attorneys are what you need for any kind of drug-related crime. There are a lot of small details that some other kind of lawyer may miss when it comes to a drug charge, depending on the evidence against you, how it was discovered, where it was discovered, and all the circumstances of the arrest.

Finding just the right lawyer could make the difference between the charges being dismissed for lack of evidence or going to trial and getting convicted. Plus, even though the District Attorney may be offering a reduced charge, short jail sentence, and probation, you may lose your job, or be prevented from getting a future position, just because of a conviction on your record.

You should also not overlook the long-term consequence of someday getting a second charge of similar nature. You could suddenly find yourself on the hook for a long jail term that would ruin your life because of a second conviction. No drug charges are to be taken lightly, but maybe that first conviction was the easy one to avoid, and you missed your opportunity thinking you’d never get another one, and then you did.

How To Find The Best Drug Attorney

Start by making a list, ask friends, family, and co-workers for names of local attorneys specializing in criminal defense and drug charges specifically. Avoid divorce lawyers, personal injury lawyers, corporate lawyers, and all other types, you need expert help. You should also avoid any lawyer that advertises on late night cable TV as well.

Once you have your list, go online and read the client reviews to weed out the lawyers that have a bad track record, don’t return phone calls, and communicate poorly. Then set up appointments, most of the time they’re free for a 15-minute consultation. Have a list of questions about how successful they’ve been in cases just like yours, the options that you have, and the best or worst case scenarios.

At that point, since you’ve gotten recommendations, read their reviews, asked all the pertinent questions, you should choose the attorney that is the most confident. Since it’s your life on the line, do your homework, hire only the best, the brightest, and most competent.